Simple, practical and realistic self-defense training that provides you with the tools and knowledge to protect yourself and your loved ones from potential violence.

Everything that we teach is based off of gross motor skills, which exponentially increases the likelihood that you will survive a violent encounter.
The concept of “attacking the attacker”, which effectively flips roles and allows you to become the attacker, not the defender, in a physically violent situation is a core component of everything that we teach in our classes and seminars.
We also offer world class 1 on 1 Online Coaching, as well as Personal Training and Group Fitness Training out of our private facility located in Southeastern Manitoba.

Self-Defense Interview: Part 1

Self-Defense Interview: Part 2

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Level 1 Krav Maga Reality Based Self-Defense Seminar

1 Hour Seminar That Covers

Awareness & Avoidance Strategies, As Well As Physical Defense Skills

Level 2 Krav Maga Reality Based Self-Defense Seminar

2 Hour Seminar That Covers

Everything From The Level 1 Seminar, As Well As Dealing With Weapons

Corporate Lunch & Learns

1 Hour Reality Based Self-Defense Classes For Employers That Teach Basic Yet Highly Practical Self-Defense Skills

Reality Based Self-Defense Classes

Weekly Reality Based Self-Defense Classes That Build On Each Other To Maximize Your Self-Defense Skills

Kids Self-Defense Classes

Weekly Self-Defense Classes Teaching Simple & Very Effective Concepts & Techniques With A Fun Twist That Kids Will Love!  

Women's Self-Defense Classes

Join A Group Of Like Minded Ladies Who Want To Learn Practical Self-Defense Techniques & Concepts Designed To Keep You, & Your Family, Safe In A Fun & Relaxed Atmosphere.

Tactical Fitness Group Classes

Weekly Group Classes That Combine Aspects Of Self-Defense With Dynamic Fitness For The Best Of Both Worlds.

In Person & Online Fitness Coaching

Cutting Edge Training Programs Combined With Unique Nutritional Strategies & Accountability. I Have Helped 400+ People Over The Last Decade Achieve Their Fitness Goals.


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Here Is The Link To Download Our Courses & Fitness Training Pricelist.

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