and I am the Owner and Chief Instructor for Self-Defense Manitoba.

I have been involved in self-defense and combatives training, both as a student and as an instructor, for more than 25 years. I have studied taekwondo, jiu jitsu, karate, jeet kune do, boxing as well as various reality based systems such as Blauer Tactical Systems, Target Focus Training, Commando Krav Maga, and Senshido International.

I became certified in Commando Krav Maga on March 4, 2012 after an intensive certification course that taught me a lot about myself and my perceived limits. It was an emotionally, mentally and physically exhausting experience, and one that has made me a much better instructor.

One of the things it has taught me is to never cease being a student and learning new things. I often find that there is much to learn even from my own students, as long as I am open to that.

I became a Certified Partner of SAFE International in June of 2013 and taught their various world class self-defense courses until the end of 2016, at which time I struck out on my own once again, as Self-Defense Manitoba.

My philosophy on self-defense centers around simplicity, and I always strive to strip away any techniques or tactics that are unessential or too complex.

Self-defense is not overly complicated and should be readily available to everyone, regardless of their age, gender, fitness level or body type and that is what I focus on when developing or teaching any techniques or tactics to any of my students.


I have also been involved in the personal training world for the last decade, working with over 400 in person clients, and many in the online coaching space.

I have been a commercial gym owner for the last 8 years, having just sold my facility in late 2021 and now acting as Manager for the facility

I have been obsessed with strength training and physical fitness since I was a teenager, and my story is a long and arduous one involving periods of substance abuse, mental health issues, and ultimately, finding faith and strength in Christ.

Before I Started Taking My Training Seriously

After I Became Consistent With Simple, Yet Highly Effective Training & Nutritional Strategies

In 2012, disaster struck my family twice in a matter of months, and put my fitness quest on the back burner.

First, my youngest son Coltan was diagnosed with a Congenital Cystic Adenomatoid Malfunction, which is a fancy way of saying that he had cysts forming in one of his lungs, and would require major surgery at some point.

Then, just over 3 months later, my oldest son Noah was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. We were understandably devastated by this turn of events, and life became more about surviving rather than thriving.

We had 3 children at the time, 2 of which had serious medical conditions that required major surgeries, as well as daily doses of chemo, frequent visits to the nearest Children’s Hospital which was an hour and a half away, as well as monthly, 5 day rounds of steroids which were absolute hell.

My son would go into rages where he would destroy his bedroom and break things, he would scream at us that he hated us, and life became a living hell much of the time.

Add to that the fact that we were unsure if he would even survive, and we had to face the very real fear that cancer might take our oldest son away from us.

At this point I had plenty of reasons to abandon my fitness goals, but I refused to take this as an excuse.
After all, if I didn’t make the time to take care of myself, how could I expect to take care of my family properly?
How could I expect to be an example to my wife and kids if I just gave up on the things that were important to me?
How could I inspire my clients to take care of themselves and prioritize their health and fitness in the face of difficulties if I refused to do the same?
While I did make the time to train and eat properly, I completely changed how I approached my training and distilled everything I had learned over the past few years down to the absolute basics, so that my training time was compressed and optimized for the maximum results in the minimum amount of time.
I SAW PHENOMENAL RESULTS from the simple, yet sustainable approach I was taking towards my goals, and I was relentlessly consistent.
During this time, I went from 195 pounds at 35% bodyfat, to my current 163 pounds at 12% bodyfat, and I am stronger and have more muscle mass than ever before in my life.
I began implementing these simple strategies with my clients as well, and they started seeing phenomenal results as well.
Throughout this long journey, my passion for helping people achieve their fitness and fat loss goals has become stronger and stronger.
I want to help people see that simple, but consistent, behaviours are the key to achieving these goals, and that spending a ton of time in the gym and elaborate meal prepping isn’t necessary to achieve their goals.
I also want to inspire people to overcome the struggles and obstacles in their lives, no matter how difficult or frightening they may be, and to be an example of that in my own life as well.


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